Just The Facts: Council Meeting March 27th, 2018

Council Meeting March 27th, 2018.

Just The Facts.

Business Licensing: On February 27, 2018, City Council gave three readings to the City of Revelstoke Business Licensing, to amend prorating for all new business licenses in the first year. This prorate amendment to the bylaw will reflect a slight increase in revenues for the City.

Although this is was a Public Hearing, there were no comments or concerns as to the amendment. Council was in favour of the motion and was adopted.

Official Community Plan- Columbia Park Townhomes-  The applicant is looking for an amendment to the Official Community Plan (OCP) from T3 to T4, which is Walk-Up Residential Land Use as well as a rezoning to Medium Density Multi-Family Residential (R3) Council  appears to be in support of the construction of a 9-unit townhouse complex at 131, 135 and 141 Columbia Park Drive, neighbouring the current town home complex that overlooks the Revelstoke Golf Club.

This will permit a maximum density on the property of 30 dwellings per hectare or 12 units per acre, allowing a maximum of 12 units on the property, however only 9-units have been proposed.

Background: https://legacy.revelstokecurrent.com/2018/02/26/9-unit-townhomes-a-possibility-on-columbia-park-drive/

The Public Hearing was calm and collected with no push back about the overall project, but of concerns of parking.

In the development, there is double garages for each unit (18 parking stalls) with 3-4 additional (visitor) parking stalls as well as  parking in the snow storage area that would be only of use in the snow-less months. There is potential for that stretch to become a regular parking section after an engineering review.

Lisa Longinotto spoke about how the adjacent property is for a 55+ community and this property could potentially be non-complimentary to the area as well as parking/storage would continue to be an issue.

Lew Hendrickson spoke on behalf of his proposed build out, he shared that he has a list of 14 potential buyers who are close in age to Hendrickson himself, and that this town-home concept is not for rental use and for those out to have fun, but for those that are looking to potentially downsize their home but want to remain in the community and close to the golf course.

“We have done everything we possibly can to mitigate any issues that the neighbours may have. We are pleased with the response we have of people wanting to move in here.”

Lawrence Davis spoke in regards to his property as it is slightly more affected that others. his concern was water and sewage and if the pumping stations could potentially cause him a major issue down the line.

Mike Thomas explained that at best, it would be a low lift and that this should not affect Davis’ property or his sewage system. 

Brenda Resvick expressed a concern about potential renters in the complex as well as parking. 

Nigel Whitehead stated that anything over two or three unrelated individuals on a property needs to be registered and a business license is needed in order to properly rent the rooms, however that is extremely difficult to manage.  The maximum amount of people that can rent a place without a business license is two, before it becomes it must be registered. 

“They can apply for a boarding license, but unless something drastic happens to create additional parking, it would not be approved and would not be given a business license. Even though zoning is allowed in that zone, they have other requirements they would have to make that they currently can’t meet.” Mayor Mark McKee claimed.

Hendrickson made note that the strata that will be formed for this complex will most likely not be in favour of anyone having a boarding permit from the City to rent out rooms and that it will in all likelihood be very similar to the strata rules that exist in the neighbouring complex have.

Zoning amendment as approved for third reading.

Recommendations From Committee of the Whole:

Council will provide the BC Interior Forestry Museum with a letter of support for the Riverside Forest Walk Project.

A Highway Use Agreement will be implemented between the BCIFM and the Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural resource Operations and Rural Development for the use of the access road that leads to the land they have leased for this project.

The Grant-In Aid applications submitted for the 2018 year have been referred to a sub-committee to consider the applicants.

Staff Reports:

Wandering Wheels Tenure: Wandering Wheels is an adventure touring company in Revelstoke that would like has requested two additional trails be added to their tenure: The Mt. Cartier Trail and the Joss Mountain Trail. Mt. Cartier Trail is located immediately to the South of Mt. Mackenzie and Revelstoke Mountain Resort, just outside of Revelstoke City Limits. Currently, Selkirk Tangiers has a commercial tenure for the Mt. Cartier trail for the purposes of guided mountain biking. Joss Mountain Trail is located to the South of Three Valley Gap off of the Wap Creek Forestry Service Road.

A few considerations need to be considered in regards to the impact on wildlife and noise concerns and overuse of the trails causing further issues between hikers and bikers. Staff recommends that Wandering Wheels tenure application be referred to the Environmental Committee and the Economic Development Commission for review and comment.

Rural Dividend Fund/Revelstoke Fabrication Laboratory Project: City Council recommended to the CSRD Board that $120,000 be allocated from the Economic Opportunity Fund (EOF) towards the Revelstoke Fabrication Laboratory Project.

Background: https://legacy.revelstokecurrent.com/2018/03/23/revelstoke-receives-108k-from-rural-dividend-fund-upon-approval/

Resort Municipality Initiative: The City will be receiving $291,334 in funding from the RMI program to go towards Tourism Infrastructure Projects. As such, the Tourism Infrastructure Committee will be meeting in April to assess potential projects to recommend to Council.

Southern Interior Local Government (SILGA) holds a 50/50 draw during each convention. The monies raised go towards a local charity in the host community. Council must choose and support a local group to receive the funds. Crime Stoppers- Revelstoke was awarded the funds.