Just The Facts: Council Meeting For March 13th, 2018

Council Meeting March 13th, 2018.

Just The Facts.

306 First Street West Development Application: Mayor McKee and Councillor Orlando excused themselves for conflict of interest.

Staff are supportive from lowering the required 11 parking stalls to 5 stalls (in which the proponent has been granted a minimum of 3 stalls). The cost of cash-in-lieu is $20k per stall and cannot be waved. Staff have received letters from neighbours and while they have a concern of parking, the overall building proposal is well received.

The owner of the property spoke of his concerns in regards to the cost and that it was a make or break situation in terms of finances. He made note that the existing buildings do not have to pay for additional spots and that the an additional cash-in-lieu charge was unfair for those trying to build out an empty lot. the overall concern for the proponent is the additional cost of $60k could be a reason that the project does not come to fruition.

The cash-in-lieu would then go to a reserve fund for City to use at a future date when a proper piece of land could be utilized for parking.

Council approved the proposal that was presented by staff, although this very well may mean a stall in the project being erected.

Chamber of Commerce: Executive Director, Jana Thompson share the success of the Chamber in 2017 as well as tourism and marketing. a full detailed story can be found by clicking the link below.e


CED Housing Needs and Demands: the City recently received a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust to the tune of $20,000 to be put towards an in depth breakdown and analysis of the housing market demands that Revelstoke is facing.

Nicole Fricot, Director of Community Economic Development stated in a report, “The Housing Needs and Demands Assessment will use a mixed-methods approach, consisting of quantitative analysis to develop a baseline understanding of the current housing needs and qualitative data from key stakeholder interviews and an online community survey to determine the demand.”

The plan is to have community surveys made available both online and on paper and this project will commence March 14, 2018 and will be completed by the end of June 2018.