Forestry Museum Hopes To Build Riverside Forest Walk

Revelstoke has been marketed and promoted as a high octane action packed place to be, but it also has the natural capabilities to appeal to every walk of life; Literally. The BC Forestry Museum would like to see a small network of hiking trails that is leased from the Ministry of Forest and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRO) that would be called the Riverside Forest Walk Project.

City staff is supportive of this project as it is a wonderful concept and addition to the community and is consistent with the theme of the Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan. There will need to be an Access Agreement for the existing old Big Bend Highway that has remained a gravel road for some time. The road is not currently maintained to any standard by the City and for this project to take the next step; the Museum has requested access across City property into the FLNRO areas. If approved, this would put the Museum into a Highway Use Agreement moving forward.

Brian Sumner, BC Interior Forestry Museum Chairperson stated in a letter to Council “The project fits with the Cities’ Official Community Plan, as well as the new “Destination Tourism Strategy a 5-year Strategic Business Plan for Revelstoke”. These trails are low elevation and would be snow free longer than surrounding Parks Canada and other mountain trails. The gentle nature of the terrain also makes this ideal for young families and seniors. We hope to eventually develop a wheel chair accessible loop with funding from the Rick Hansen Foundation.”

Sumner’s Explanation: Small red loop up by Museum = Dog Walk loop designed to get the motor home crowd out for a little walk and provide tourists a designated spot to walk their dog.200m

Red link trail -so that tourists don’t have to drive down to the Riverside Forest Walk. Will link the museum building site to the Riverside Trail. 370 m.

The two red trails are on city property. The cleared area is Columbia View Park. The OCP calls for an increase in recreation opportunities in the park. Also ” consider gateway, and tourism uses as entrances to Lake Revelstoke,” as well as “provide pedestrian access to the River”.

The Riverside Forest walk is located on Crown land within the city limits. The Forestry museum has a 30- year lease over this property. In this area the city has highlighted – development on the bench/flat area; and tourism gateway and compatible economic drivers especially near the dam aqd the entrance to Lake Revelstoke.

The white rectangle is the parking lot location Green is the main loop -1.2 km Blue and pink are small loops to provide diversity and increase the km of the trail system – 290 and 320 m Yellow is future wheel chair accessible loop. We hope to pursue funding from the Rick Hansen Foundation for this.

The Forestry Museum is hoping to not only expand trails for locals and hiking tourist enthusiasts but also build an on leash dog loop for those with furry friends. The Museum and the City have a lease agreement for Columbia View Park, in which the Museum will be responsible for maintaining the site as well as providing a proper station for disposing of doggy-do.

At this time, The Forestry Museum is seeking a letter of support from Council, to have a proper agreement in place for road access and into the FLNRO areas. The BCIFM has submitted grant applications and if successful, the hope and goal is to begin the project in May of this year.