Food For Thought: Where Do We Go From Here?

What is life about? I can’t answer that. Jesus, can anyone? All we can do is experience it and assume that what we have learned and what trials and tribulations we have experienced is exactly what life is supposed to be about. The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions, so does that mean the road to heaven was a trip through hell? Maybe. I could see that being a fairly astute observation. Maybe that’s what life is all about; these two separate highways and just how polarizing they are.

What road have you been on? Has it been a bumpy ride with a family member or loved one, having had your fair share of potholes and breakdowns along the way? Has it been smooth and breezy to the point where you wondered “When is the other shoe going to drop, I mean, come on, something has gotta give here!” When life is going good, after a while we allow that eery creep in, that adverse concern that something will soon go wrong.

 A long lonely patch of highway riddled with dirt, faded yellow paint thinly separating the two lanes, it leads you to a destination you never could have imagined. What is that destination? I can’t answer that. It is your destination. Mine is different. I can tell you the path through hell usually has a lot of empty and broken booze bottles littered along life’s little highway; at least for me. I had a good road trip once with my good friend. He was much Wiser than me, (in fact that was his name) as he knew how to control me like an abusive relationship. He was also the reason for my pancreatitis. So while my detour down the abandoned road with broken exit signs fallen to the wayside, this road was not my original plan, however I chose to skirt the edges of lifes dangerous path. Luckily, that dead end broken down asphalt turned itself into a gravel road that led to an unabridged path.

A gravel path is unique, and has a story. It too was once a giant rock that was broken down into smaller pieces, crushed, beaten and broken to form a hard earth to ride on. It has stories that go on for decades; tire marks, oil drip and engine malfunction that have all been been apart of that path’s path. This gravel road led right to a freshly paved and recently dried black tar asphalt road that was smooth, pleasant and bright with yellow lines that clearly indicate where not to cross over.

Whether you are on a broken highway where shattered dreams lay abandoned at the side near a dried out cactus, or you are on a road with salt on your lips from the cool ocean breeze, the road is designed to get you somewhere; your destination, wherever that may be.