CSRD: New Building Regulation Inspection Service For Area B

Area B has changed regulation when it comes to building in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD).

As of March 5th, Building Permits will be required for new construction, renovations, demolitions, excavations or any additions to an existing house (this also includes a plumbing permit as well).

  • construction of a house, townhouse, commercial and industrial building
  • construction of accessory buildings, including most garages and sheds
  • demolition of a building
  • significant alteration to or repair of an existing building (e.g. structural changes, electrical updates, construction of a second floor deck, moving of plumbing)
  • changes to the use or occupancy of an existing building (e.g. from a garage to a dwelling, or from a residence to a commercial use)
  • relocation of a building
  • alterations that affect a venting or sewer- age system
  • installation of a factory-built or manufactured building
  • installation of a temporary building

The owner of the property must submit a complete building permit application in which the CSRD will review and issue prior to construction beginning. The CSRD building inspector will complete six inspections during construction and prior to the granting of building occupancy.

03-02-2018_Complete Application Package - Website