A Rooney Grin: John Popplewell Writes A Letter

Life long Revelstokian and CP Rail veteran, John Popplewell retired on March 2nd. What Popplewell was not expecting was an outpouring of kindness and a massive show of support, admiration and respect as he railed off into the sunset.


John was touched by the numerous gifts and the overall sentiment and wanted aknowledge those that made his final day special. 

This is worthy of a “Rooney Grin”.

Editor/Publisher-David F. Rooney gives a Grin!
Sketch by Rob Buchanan

To My Crew & Fellow Coworkers & Friends,

I wish to express my profound gratitude for all who made my last day of work so memorable on March 2nd, 2018. My fine crew in plow service, Steve Bafaro, Ken Sproat, Conductor Grant Fuoco and Engineer Brian Jamieson. My cohorts, Jeff and Josh came along to Golden to keep an eye, we turned at Golden, had a bite and returned home. My last push was over the old siding at Griffith.

Many thanks to my old friends, Sam Morrone and Kevin Thompson for accompanying us. Also, thank you to Superintendent John Bell and Assistant Roadmaster Kurtis Attig and many coworkers past and present who were at the east wye by shops when we tied up. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Patti Koshman for all of her help with somewhat complicated paperwork.

I simply could not believe that I deserved the cards and envelope of cash from all of my coworkers from all the various crafts in Revelstoke, I will never forget.

Special thanks to the Palasz Family, Ed for his visit at our job briefing the day previous, and Josh for his ingenious application for an old headlight from 401020. The Bafaros’ for the lovely picture which Steven presented me, the tasty cake Kyle Jones came up with… Yum! Mr. Bells gifts from the company and last but not least, Barry Merko’s “Buzzbox”.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been associated with such fine people to work with my entire career.


John Popplewell