A Rooney Grin For Good Deeds

For those that have been long time followers of the Revelstoke Current know that David F. Rooney was one for a good Grin & Gripe if anyone had them.

I in turn, have decided that in recognition of not only David, but in the nature of community spirit and selfless community minded folks, that when a good deed is done, it is now worthy of a Rooney Grin.

This Rooney Grin goes to Rob Buchanan who took the time to draw a sketch of our friend and allow me to use it for future Rooney Grins in Revelstoke!

With that said, if someone has done something selfless, caring and driven with kindness to someone or something, and you feel they are worthy of a Rooney Grin, send the story or an email to revcurrent@gmail.com