Want To Toss The Ol’ Axe Around? Peak Axe Throwing Is Here!

Times are a’changin’ in Revelstoke and with change comes new adventures. Revelstoke tourism sector is booming, the wilderness is a wonderland for those that love hiking, biking skiing and the thrills and chills of the outdoors. Once the sun slips passed those glorious mountains and a purple hue known as dusk hits the town, the night owls are gearing up.

Revelstoke has a night life that keeps folks entertained but for some, they are looking for something that has a hint of outdoors and a place where friends can congregate and have good old fashion fun.

Dustin Roskam is the owner and creator of Peak Axe Throwing, a new business in town that is for those that want to socialize, make new friends and toss an axe at a big ol’ chunk of spruce.

Originally from Acton, Ontario, Roskam made his way out west and was working in Lake Louise in November of 2016, and after many trips to Revelstoke he decided that this was where he wanted to call home.

With a Bachelor in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education, Roskam hopes to become a Teacher-on-Call for the local area, which would free up his evenings to make Peak Axe Throwing a success. With this venture on his mind, he stock piled his money and put his own sweat and back into the beautifully renovated location, that most locals will recall as the old bakery beside Lordco.

“I want to live here. I am not a heli-ski guide or a railway worker. I am an entrepreneur and I want to be involved- not a transient visitor. I want to give back and be apart of the community and leave my mark here in Revelstoke.” Roskam told the Revelstoke Current.

Axe throwing has been popping up throughout Canada, with the original axe throwing company BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) hitting the market and being well received, Roskam new it would be a hit in Revelstoke, not just for locals looking for fun on a Friday evening, but for tourists passing through our historic town. In fact, Vernon, Kelowna and Whistler have started up tossin’ axes and they have been doing very well.

“I am a high level athlete, meaning I take risks. This is no different, you have to risk it to get the biscuit!”

The concept of axe throwing is not new but it is certainly not common. Revelstoke could always use another evening event that is designed to be family friendly and a place where friends can gather have a root-beer, a chuckle and a toss.

The space has a wonderful aroma of Spruce, warm lighting and charming decor that touches on the vast history of logging in this community. With safety measures in place, this will no doubt be fun for everyone. When things get going, Roskam plans to begin a league program for locals who want to toss the axe around.

Peak Axe Throwing does not have a specific opening date as of yet, but his hope is very soon.  

When the launch date is set, all types of events can be booked from birthdays to staff and bachelor parties. Timeslots are in 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours.

The location is located between Lordco and Minh Tuets Vietnamese Reastaurant.

You will be able to book online at https://www.peakaxethrowing.ca/