RSS Tech Summit Drew Curious Kids To The Tech Sector

Revelstoke Secondary School had the Tech Summit on Thursday, February 22nd. The Hack into Tech: The Future of Work was an opportunity that the City of Revelstoke helps orchestrate for the tech savvy youth.

Numerous members of the community that are involved in technology in some shape or form, came out to showcase what they did as careers to show the kids alternative job sources that differ from the traditional jobs.

The staples were present; Telus, BC Hydro, Community Futures, Parks Canada, but a few unique entrepenuers were also present.

Aaron Davidson, the creator of Cronometer was showcasing his phone app that has had success in the tech world, Sad Panda Studios held the kids captive as to how he created the game Crush, Crush, as well as local photographer, Keri Knapp was present to share how she has turned his passion for photography into a business.

Numerous students were enthralled and asking questions about how to create the technology that was presented before them, as well as how you would “even find a job like that?” as one student asked.

With the massive technological advances, and a massive growth in tech entrepreneurs, the reality is upon us, and these students are right there with it, sliding into it like home plate.