Letter To The Editor: Us Against Them

I have read Mr. Clovechok’s response to the throne speech and have been following provincial politics for some time now and would like to invite Mr.Clovechok to a challenge.

Instead of his ‘us against them’ tone that is rather strong, that he try to work with whoever the appropriate Ministers in charge for the task at hand. Let’s not throw mud for the next three years as it takes a lot of valuable time and energy away from real solutions.

In my opinion, British Columbia voted the Liberals out for valid reasons, not necessarily voting the NDP in for promises. It’s time to leave the mud slinging to election time and start working for everyone in this riding, not just the Liberal supports. This type of ‘us against them’ attitude only divides our community’s even more.

Please lead by example and keep a positive attitude as your fear mongering certainly can’t scare us more than the mess 16 years of Liberal rule have left us in. B.C. is broken in many ways.

We have so many issues that need to be addressed. Social Housing, Environmental matters , Forestry and other agencies that have been long neglected need to be taken care of.  ICBC is another example and that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of provincial problems. We have top two class commercial inspection sites in both Kamloops and Golden, yet no money to run them on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.  More inspectors and enforcement are needed and not just on nice days. Perhaps if punishment for unsafe drivers was severe and immediate ( I.E. impound and instant loss of license) they might think twice about infractions. Let’s face it; speed kills.

Mr.Clovechok,  I appreciate that you are doing your part toe hold them accountable from the opposition seat but please work with everyone in office as this will be the only path to success. Don’t forget they won their Ridings also!

Thank you for your time.

Daren Corneliuson