Letter To The Editor: Failure To Communicate

This is an open letter to all Revelstokians that is also being sent to  Mayor and Council. The last two weekends in town have been an absolute disgrace. Yesterday (Saturday- February 3rd) the town core was an absolute embarrassment. To see most all struggling or defeated by a lack of snow service. We live in a high snow area and have since the beginning of time. Do not compare us to other areas that are paralyzed by a big snow event, they are not equipped or have as much expertise available as we do. We have some very good operators. We have the biggest and newest equipment that this city has ever had in its history.

 I feel sorry for the good operators who know how to do the job but are hamstrung by an absolute failure of senior management to do the job they were hired for. Snow removal is a repetitive process do it right once then repeat equals success. Management has all sorts of “procedure on paper” perhaps they should read it and use it. Where is the publicly available and local posted standard for a go or no go snow removal cycle? This does not exist why? 

Failure to communicate the last decades biggest problem of the city that gets worse not better.

It is very apparent that senior management has little regard for their crews.They deserve the respect of their experience and skills when it comes to developing a plan of attack. A plan developed by those doing the job will blow the doors of a room full of suits any day.  They are the ones on the front line who take the crap from frustrated taxpayers while trying to do their job.

They are behind before they start because of an evident lack of a straight forward clear instruction from senior management to respond to a snow event a never win situation. The wear and tear on employees and equipment is magnified by an absence of leadership.

Leave the good operators to their respective areas. Instead of bouncing them around  like a fart in a mitt. The hours spent watching and listening on the radio to operators of graders and loaders sent running from one end of town to the other is absurd and an absolute waste of money. They know where the hidden pitfalls and utilities area located in their areas better than others. This builds efficiency and reduces damage.

Management quotes chapter and verse endlessly on how “THEY KNOW” but the reality is evident in the abysmal outcome.

Council, there was a time many years ago that you called the shots and staff fulfilled them. This has not been seen in years. Having said it many times I will try again. You were elected to oversee the affairs of the taxpayers. Not an easy or thankful job involving more time than you ever thought it would. The reality of which I have informed most of you is that staff is running the show and in many areas doing badly.

Perhaps its time for Council to do some senior staff career planning to change the outcome.


Bob Melnyk