Letter To The Editor: Daren Corneliuson Has A Few Concerns

First off, I would like to thank Nigel Whitehead and Mike Thomas for following policies and procedures that are set in place and doing their jobs for Revelstoke. Honour and integrity are things to be proud of.


Mr. Evans, I have been following your quest to develop for sometime now and a few things have come into question.

On February 11, 2015  in the Times Review you stated “Me and Shelly moved here for the outdoor life style and the beauty of Revelstoke combined with the existence of a Real Downtown Core”. Now you are asking where are all (3000 on build out) shoppers going to shop?

What about our beautiful “Real Downtown Core” ? Many businesses papered up their windows over the highway mall, this could be a similar situation? What happens if the core erodes? The businesses of down town should be up in arms over this.

Are you are going after 60 thousand square feet of retail shops, salons and pubs in five years build out? Or are you only going after 5 retail shops at 80 square meters (in the only available plans) equaling 300 square meters? That’s a huge difference, people might have something to say about that.

Another quote that I was curious about was, “We have not moved away from the MDA, we are repositioning the sub zones to operate as we are in Real Design…” I could be missing something, but what does that mean?

“The commercial space has always been included and size in comparison to Alpine Plaza would be at full build out over 5 years period.”  That is a huge amount of retail and commercial diverted away from the “Real Downtown Core”. I am concerned this could hurt the downtown core in the off season, as we know how it can be.

For a development that was supposed to be affordable housing, family owned townhouses, green spaces, looks to be going in a whole new direction. I am concerned this concept could potentially result in vacant store fronts downtown. In my view the existing downtown is not fully developed yet.

Dump trucks, excavators, packers, generators, cement plant, giant cranes, Herman Nelsons, trucked in modules wrapped in plastic, all of these are huge polluters. What was your carbon footprint building Phase 1?

Mr.Evans, please remember there are lots of people who loved this town long before the ski hill.  We always knew it was world class. We don’t need you to tell us that or exploit our beautiful clean way of life.

I know in the past we had out differences, but I am trying to figure it out from your end, but right now I am at a loss.

Thanks for your time.

Daren Corneliuson