Just The Facts: Council Report-February 27th, 2018

Council Report February 27th, 2018.

Just The Facts.

Connie Brothers stepped in as Acting Mayor as Mark McKee was not in attendance.

Revelstoke Museum and Archives: Cathy English spoke to Council on her 2017 Annual Report. After 35 years of working at the Museum, Cathy is thrilled at the increase of positive feedback as well as the growing number of visitors to the heritage building for a day of education and enlightenment.

Cathy is working on Volume Two of her Brown Bag History novels that she is hoping to have out sometime in the spring, 2018. Cathy shared her story of the days of yesterday concept in which people would vote on their favourite historic photo which was very well received as it reminded may of their childhood and in fact, many were purchasing these photos which directly helps the gift shop. Cathy referred to it as “Archives paying for it’s own way.”

Recommendations from Committee of the Whole:

Council approved the City’s 2018 property tax distribution and related budget reflect, Option B with a 0.4% shift to the business class.

Council approved the City’s 2018 financial plan objectives and policies related to taxation/revenue and permissive tax exemptions (part of 2018 financial plan bylaw) reflect no substantive changes from those in 2017.

That staff bring back options, for updates to the City’s financial plan objectives and policies, as they relate to taxation/revenue and permissive tax exemptions, to the Committee of the Whole, for discussion and consideration, and for implementation in subsequent tax years after 2018.

Councillor C. Brothers  has been appointed to the Tourism Advisory Sub-Committee of the Revelstoke Accommodation Association.

ByLaws: The City of Revelstoke Business Licensing and Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 2214 be read a First, Second and Third time; and that notice be given of Council’s intention to consider the City of Revelstoke Business Licensing and Regulation Amendment Bylaw and that a public hearing date be set for persons who consider they are affected by the bylaw to make representations to Council at a hearing pursuant to Section 59 of the Community Charter.

The City will implement Vehicle for Hire regulations, pursuant to Section 36 of the Motor Vehicle Act. That the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw No. 2215 be read a First and Second time.

Columbia Park Drive 9-Unit Townhome: Nigel Whithead spoke in regards to Lou Hendrickson’s plans to build a 9-Unit townhome complex and is supportive of the project. A slight error went to Council stating the amount of bedrooms that was published as 5 rooms per unit, the correct amount of rooms per unit is One-5 bedroom, Four- 4 bedrooms + den and Four-3 bedrooms.

Councillor Brothers asked Whitehead about renting and if this is a solution to the housing crisis in Revelstoke. Single-Family uses in a dwelling unit means that families that are blood, marriage or legally adopted can live with no limit of persons but with a non-blood scenario, the maximum is 3 people per unit, however that makes it very challenging for bylaw officers to enforce such a rule. 

Council was supportive of this project and approved all motions.

Vancouver Foundation Pathways out of Poverty Grant Report: Social Coordination position hourly wage was brought into question and Council wanted detailed breakdown as to the amount total. While Director of Community and Economic Development, Nicole Fricot, broke down the budget over three years and justified the amount in question.

In December 2017, CED staff received confirmation that the Vancouver Foundation approved an FOI grant of $146,700 ($48,900 over three years) in support of the Pathways out of Poverty Project. In order for the City of Revelstoke to receive this grant, the City must approve the Pathways out of Poverty Grant Agreement.

Air Charter Service: The City of Revelstoke in partnership with Revelstoke Mountain Resort Limited Partnership (RMRLP), The Revelstoke Accommodation Association (RAA) and Revelstoke Connection Limited is providing air charter services between Revelstoke and Vancouver 3 to 4 times a week between January 12, 2018 and March 16th, 2018. .

Councillor Nixon had her hesitations in regards to the dollars spent, “We need to be cautious pf putting a lot of dollars into a service that benefits few people.”

Fricot did agree that there was no guarantee to anything. “There is a possibility we could lose money on this.”

534 seats have been sold with sales totalling $122,900. The average price of a seat is $231. Current occupancy for the charter flight service is hovering around 55%. this years weather has put a huge dent in the plan as out of 20 flights, 11 have been diverted and 9 have arrived directly in Revelstoke. When flights are diverted, Revelstoke Connection Limited sends a shuttle to Kelowna to drop off and pick-up guests.

Cheque Requisition: The Revelstoke Current inquired about three cheques that the City issued from the Cheque Requisition Report to Revelstoke Alpine Village Inc. This is not to be confused with Revelstoke Alpine Village shopping centre. This is apart of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

December 12th, 2017 ——- $74,695.16

January 9th, 2018————-$74.832.97

January 23rd, 2018———-$76,773.87

Tania McCabe cleared the matter, “That would property tax assessment appeals that were successful and were processed in December and January, So it is property tax refunds for changes in assessment values on properties owned by Revelstoke Alpine Properties.”