Just The Facts: Council Meeting, February 13th 2018

February 13th, Council Meeting

Just The Facts.

Mayor McKee brought up the idea that a citizen shared with him that when the time comes for renovations to City Hall that a designer light system be implemented to show support to the theme of the community during that time, whether it be Mental Health Awareness, Heart and Stroke or whatever is happening at that time. Dawn Low is currently looking for outsourced funds to add this to the project, when that time comes that City Hall is renovated. 

Local Food Initiative Coordinator, Melissa Hemphill shared the success of the the 2017 Farmers Market as well as a few snags then ran into, but ultimately overcame. With a cute yet perfect tagline-Born out of controversy, structured for success- the LFI have built up a great addition to the spring and summertime downtown events list.

Hemphill shared the inception of the market and the overall process of how it grew legs, as well as the the concept of having a business, vendor, community and LFI members (as well as the coordinator) so everyone that was affected by the market had a fair say in how it was to be rolled out.

Overall, the vibrant market did extremely well and the minor hiccups (parking, dog policy, generator noise) it was very well received and with a number of vendors wanting to join and be apart, the market will no doubt be a success in 2018.

Recommendations from Committee of the Whole:

That the draft long-term capital plan for Parks, Recreation and Culture be approved with the addition of $93,000 funding for the Columbia Valley Skateboard Association skatepark project at Kovach Park and $10,000 be reallocated from the Trails Master Plan Implementation capital project to the Revelstoke Cycling Association trail maintenance program was approved.

That the draft long-term capital plan for Water Utility, Big Eddy Water Utility, Sewer Utility and Vehicle and Equipment was approved.

That the Street Fest funding of $5,000 be included in the core budget was approved.

That the non-core operating spending package for Community Economic Development, was approved.

That a part-time Victim Services position be considered during future planning with the Province and that alternate funding sources be explored.

That the non-core operating spending package for Development Services, for the Building Inspector position at $60,000 was approved.

That the non-core operating spending package for Engineering, for a Civil Tech at $70,000 was approved.

That a letter be written to Transport Canada to request an earlier inspection date for the Helipad at Queen Victoria Hospital was approved.

218 Third Street East Vacation Rental-  With parking as the number one issue with vacation rentals, many factors need to be considered. Although the applicants would be in fact living in the house, Council still has concerns about future owners and allowing variances on parking for vacation rentals. The issue has been deferred again until the two-tiered vacation rental matter is addressed. 

306 First Street West (Empty Lot)- The major concern was not the design or the building concept itself, in fact that was well received and was complimented on its unique design. The core issue was parking for the City as the building would house office space and parking for those that use it needs to be considered. The Cash-in-lieu program is what the City is recommending. With the City lowering the amount of stalls needed from 11 stalls to 5 stalls, this would come at a cost to the proponent at $60,000 ($20,000 our stall).

Michelle Bowlen and Selim Bedoya Sabagg are the applicants who own the lot with hopes to develop, however the $20,000 per lot bylaw is only coming into affect with new buildings (or an addition to a building) which is a huge cost to add to a developer. These costs are at a big detriment to these applicants as they too have a budget to maintain and the $60,000 charge for parking-in-lieu could push them into the black and this charming building concept may not become a reality within the community.

Council cannot change the amount of the parking fee of $20,000. Council approved the presented report to lower the initial 11 stalls to 5 and 2 loading bays to 1.

2018 Budget and Financial Plan was approved.

That submission of an application to the UBCM Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative, FireSmart Planning and Activities Grant Program for $10,000.00 was approved.

That a letter of support be written to the Revy Riders Dirt Bike Club for 2018 grant applications was approved.