Invitation To Submit Special Anniversaries Or Retirements For The Locals!

One of the great strengths of what David F. Rooney built over the course of 9-years was the true to heart local love. It has been my main focus since I found out this gift belonged to me and I will continue to maintain the Current in the same manner.

This is an invitation for those in the community that are celebrating a special wedding anniversary, well deserved retirement or a significant birthday that the Current will post and share these great events.

A wise man told me once, “There is news and then there is what is going on. What is going on, at times can be more important. Don’t under estimate the power of soft news.” True words.

A silver or golden anniversary should be celebrated and recognized as well as a retirement. I know many are shy and like to stay quiet, but if you feel that quiet family member deserves a little recognition, I am happy to help celebrate that moment. (Sorry Uncle John Popplewell!)

If you or a family member have a big day, a special mark in ones life and you want it to be published, send me the details and we can keep the locals Current with one and other!

You can reach me at