Editor Seeks Request From CURRENT Fans And Subscribers!

To the loyal subscribers and fans of the Revelstoke Current.

With the changes that have gone on since I took theĀ  D.R. Legacy Paper over, I am still constantly thinking of ways to improve the format and keep the Current both relevant and up to date in terms of this New World Order within the social media landscape. I have looked at endless online newspapers all over the world and was weighing the pro’s and con’s of certain commenting platforms.

Facebook is a dominant force within the platform in which we absorb our media. I recognize many still go to the source directly, and cut out the rhetoric of Facebook as well as the numerous food memes. Personally, I am like that in terms of reading global news, however I notice many only read news through social media (Yikes!).

Historically, David Rooney had the Word Press Program as his method of commenting (How it is now), however a few concerns always arose. One of the reoccurring issues were that only the editor knows who is making comments making it somewhat similar to the stoke list in terms of transparency because some users have a handle or a stage name.

It is becoming easier for individuals to “sign in” to digital sites through their Facebook accounts as they no longer have to register or sign up. Now, I know many are not on Facebook, so I am not necessarily changing anything, but I do need to think about the growth of the legacy paper and while my main focus is the long time locals, I still want to make sure I keep options open for future digital growth.

It would great to get an idea of how many people would prefer the current (ha!) method of commenting or if FB would be a better method for commenting.

I know a few of you and where you are at with this preferred method. Again, it doesn’t mean I am changing the method, I just want to get an idea, as in time it will most likely have to be addressed to keep up with the times.

Let me know by commenting below. It will give me an idea of where readers are at.

Thank you for keeping Current with me.