CSRD: Free Dumping Of Metal, Yard & Garden Year Round

There is nothing like going to the dump! You never know what you might find! I recall numerous times visiting the dump back in the day and finding prizes! The best part of the dump is when you finally get to break that one thing you have wanted to for years but had no desire to clean up the mess, you finally can. This is your time!

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) has now made all metal, yard and garden waste free year round. Historically, there is a charge for the removal of ozone depleting substance (ODS) from appliances that contain refrigerant, that fee will also be waved.

The new solid waste tipping fees will be reduces to $80/tonne from $100 and the sale of we-load Kickin’ Compost will drop to from $30/m3 to the new rate of $15/m3.

This new pricing is in effect as of Thursday, February 1st 2018.