Sani-Dump Location Up for Discussion and Re-Voted On

Mayor McKee asked to have the new location of the recently adopted address for the Sani-dump at Powerhouse Road to be brought back to the table for discussion as he feels it may not be the best location for the travelling RV public.

“I am concerned we are not going to be solving as many problems as we should be.”

Councillor Sulz indicated he was in agreement with McKee and that he in-fact, voted against the Powerhouse Road location.

Councillor Brothers expressed concern about how the inconvenience of the location is a topic of continued discussion.

Councillor Duke voted in favour due to the exhausting amount of due-diligence from staff and the fact that multiple lift stations would be needed to get the proper connection to the sewage lagoon.

Nixon stated that she voted in favour, and noted that if the City went into a partnership with a private owner it will take a lot of work to finesse that deal.

“This has been on the books for a couple of years now, and I think we should move ahead this year.”

Councillor Orlando voted against the Powerhouse Road address at the previous Council meeting, however, he notes that he would have liked to have seen a bit more conversation and other options for locations before locking into Powerhouse Road. Orlando also expressed concern that it could be a potential year delay to follow up with due diligence.

Motion on the floor for PowerHouse Road was put to the table by Mayor McKee, after a discussion, a vote secured the same result as before. Sulz and Orlando against, Brothers, Nixon and Duke voted for it with McKee in agreement.

Sani-Dump will remain at the bottom of Power House Road.