Revymade Music CD Release & Live Performance at Monashee Distillery

The launch of the RevyMade Music Project album will be celebrated at Monashee Distillery, Friday, January 19th at 7:00pm. Limited seating is available which makes for a quaint intimate concert. This will be chance to get a sneak peak of the album, socialize with some of the artists and check out Josh and Jen’s new distillery.

The album is roughly 33 minutes leaving room for acoustic performances from various members of the albums compilation. Multiple sittings throughout the night will offer a chance for more people to attend as the night rolls on.

“I decided to group my friends and told them to each write a song, something that means something to you, has to be new and relevant to the space, time and place that you are living. I got all of them to the studio, recorded it in two days and amalgamated the songs. I have always wanted to give back a soundtrack to the town.” Musician, Bruce Thomas told the Revelstoke Current.

This soundtrack is very much an infusion of Revelstoke and life within it. With an eclectic mix of style, it will be pleasant to both the younger generation who love music from the ground up and those that love the old style of music that comes from the past. With a true to heart local flavour, this CD will be very listenable for a variety of listeners with different preferences.

“I am very proud of these guys and what they accomplished in one hour. They rearranged their schedule for one day, from ten in the morning till ten at night; they barely got a window to breathe.”

The members of the band are Darcy Purcell, Dave Marfleet, Garrett Cooper, Steve Smith, Jared TerMarsch, Kaylee Knecht, Jesse Booth (Partial to Pie), Brad Christie, Maggie Davis and Bruce Thomas.

Hosted by Josh McLaffery at the Monashee Distillery on Mackenzie Avenue, and all guests will be treated to a copy of the CD and a Revymade cocktail will be included with purchase of an entrance ticket.