RCMP Helicopter NOT Deployed Friday- Possibly This Week

The family of the two missing individuals whose small plane went down November 25th, have sifted through thousands of pictures taken by the drone that was flown over the area that the plane may have crashed.

According to the family, a picture that was snapped on December 11th, 2017 shows images that they feel could be the plane as well as a propeller. The image hit the news quickly and the family are eager to get a search team to the Cougar Mountain area where they believe the plane could be resting.

A slight communication mix up happened, Staff Sergeant Grabinsky was under the impression that the helicopter had been deployed on Friday, January 19th, however, due to the weather the RCMP helicopter was never utilized.

Carol Barnes, Cousin to Ashley stated to The Revelstoke Current “We just need the closure for the family. Three little kids are in the balance and that is who we are focused on right now. We need this for them and we can’t do anything.”

RCMP are sensitive to the matter, they understand that this is an important issue and the family would like resolution and as much as they would like to see this matter come to a resolve, they cannot deploy a helicopter during poor weather, fly it low to the tree line and potentially risk lives.

The RCMP will be heading out to the given coordinates this week, weather permitting.