Possible 6 Row Housing Complex On Track Street

A new Development Permit is on the table of the Advisory Planning Commission for the construction of 6 row houses on the corner of Mackenzie Avenue and Track Street, immediately East of the CP Rail tracks. This new concept will be somewhat of a throw back to buildings of the past. 

Land owner, Rob Elliot informed the Revelstoke Current, “One of my favourite communities in BC is Fort Langley: history, Victorian architecture and railway centric. Revelstoke shares similar traits, yet many of its heritage buildings have been long lost. The Revelstoke Station was removed from the landscape here 40 years ago.”

East of that site, there is already is a duplex that is currently under construction along with a vacant portion of land. This site as well as the lot to the East, have already been rezoned from R1 (Single Family Residential) to R3 (Medium Density Multi-family Residential) back in July of 2016.

Elliot is hoping to see two side by side triplex row housing units for purchase. With potential families moving in one day, parking is a reality, especially in that mountain rise. The applicant has proposed a 6-stall parking structure to be located along the east property line. each unit would have walk-out basements, patios, and balconies facing the West side.

 “Recreating a residential version of the Station was an option that jumped during the planning stage for the Track St. lot. Obviously any structure placed on the land piece has to address proximity to the rail crossing at Mackenzie. Concrete ICF building material (mass), recessed noise mitigating windows, landscaping and a recently constructed berm will be incorporated to address railway noise.”

With CP Rail’s heartbeat pulsing regularly along the track, the sounds of the locomotives will go undetected with interlocking concrete foundation bricks and triple glazed, double pane windows as well as an earthen berm will be placed between the property line to create an stimulating visual as well as keep the noise at bay.

This will pay homage to Revelstoke’s history. The building under construction and an additional consideration for the lot immediately above the station will be contemporary in design. Ideally, the complete development will be an eye pleasing, welcomed addition to the downtown view-scape: a reflection of Revelstoke old and new.”

The Advisory Planning Commission has been requested to provide further advice on the proposal to City Council.