New Lifetime License For Revelstoke Dogs!

For those that own a dog it is time to renew your license to ensure your pet is registered within the city database to protect them if they should ever get out of the yard and picked up by Animal Control.

In recent years, the annual dog licence for a neutered/spayed dog (with proof) is 20 dollars per year and 60 dollars for those that are neither neutered or spayed. However, those that pay the 60 dollar fee and have their pet neutered or spayed within two months of the purchased license a refund for the difference will be provided.


If a license has yet to be payed for by March 15th, 2018 there will be an additional fee of 20 dollars if the animal is picked up by Animal Control and taken to the holding facility.

For those that have a registered Guide/Service dog, the fees are waved upon valid documentation.

This year the City of Revelstoke will be rolling out a new program for those that would like to pay a one time fee of 75 dollars for pets neutered/spayed and 225 dollars for those that are not, however, the refund would also apply if the procedure was completed within a two month period. This would be a lifetime licence for man’s best friend.

Like any tag around a dog collar, they wear out, rub thin and are lost; a 10 dollar charge will be given for a replacement tag.

If any pet has passed on and was previously registered with the City, please contact the Animal Control Officer by emailing or 250-837-2911.