Just The Facts: Council Meeting- January 9th, 2018

Council Meeting January 9th, 2018.

Just the Facts.

After adoption of the agenda, Acting Mayor, Linda Nixon made mention of our Prime Minister who was in our community for a personal vacation with his family and that the Finance Department has released a DRAFT Long Term Financial Plan. 

(DRAFT Long Term Financial Plan)

Sani-Dump Station: A proposal was put before Council to have the City run sanitation dump station to be constructed on municipal property at 1625 Powerhouse Road. This location was a concern for Counsellor Sulz as the road to the location is not convenient for regular RV use. The overall consensus was that the other locations that were scouted by City staff were not feasible, which included land located beside the cemetery, however, Chief Operating Officer, Alan Chabot reminded Council that land is for cemetery use. Council (excluding Councillor Sulz & Orlando who both voted against) passed the motion to make 1625 Powerhouse Road the future location.

Bear Aware: A letter of support for their 2018 endeavours was requested by Revelstoke Bear Aware. Councillor English made mention that he was in full support and that the volunteers do a fantastic job. Council were in support of the motion.

Infrastructure Planning Grant: The City’s hydraulic water system is out of date. It is a model from ’07 and requires calibration and updates to see the current water supply and transmission infrastructure system. Council supported that a submission of an application to the Province for an Infrastructure Planning Grant Program for the amount of $10,000. The City had previous success with this grant application for Greeley Creek Source Protection Plan.

Thomas Brook: The City made an error when it comes to how much the residents of the Thomas Brook area would be paying for the recent upgrade.  Thomas Brook residents agreed to pay for installation costs of sewage and water upgrades, however, they soon learned that the cost was miscalculated and they were each stuck with a $6,655.00 bill. Although the City admitted to the mistake and were, in-fact, humbled and apologetic, the cost still stands. Council and staff agreed that under the circumstances, a two-year monthly payment plan would be acceptable. The residents of the Thomas Brook area have until December 31st, 2019 to pay the total amount.

The Aquatic Centre: Charts available for viewing.