John Kehler Hits The Big 6-0!

Revelstoke Flooring owner, John Kehler walked into a shock on Friday, January 19th as his staff put on a surprise Birthday party for him at the flooring store on Macpherson Road.

Kehler turns 60 on Saturday, January 20th, however, Tiffany Beerling and Jessica Ternoway were not going to let the boss turn 60 without a big celebration!

Numerous friends stopped by to wish him a great day and to congratulate him on the odometer clicking from 59 to 60. Even Russell Mackenzie took a break from his daily excitement of accounting and Vegas trip planning to take part in Kehler’s celebration!

An extremely thoughtful and genuine moment was when Kehler’s son, Travis pulled out the ol’ six string and played him a song.

Give John a text or a call and wish him a happy 60th!!