Food For Thought: A Sunday Drive

A sunny Sunday drive can take you down memory lane, despite the fact you are rolling forward; one of life’s little ironies. Free Vitamin D is such a deeply rooted source of freedom. There truly is something inside the warm glow of the yellow sun that when it shines upon you, it is almost as if it was specifically for you- and no one else. Perhaps it is.

The long stretch hidden roads and highways of British Columbia are truly a soul cleanser. Hitting the road with the warmth of that sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the windshield view filled with potential can make a person wonder. Wonder what? That is the beauty of the open road. I was told once by a motorcycle enthusiast that you will never see a motorcycle out front of a therapists’ office, that’s what the road is for. Albeit, this comment was a light attempt of motorcycle humour and not a reality for proper mental health maintenance, but the overall notion rang true.

The long stretch road, with the memories of yesterday flowing through you like a rollercoaster ride is what can bring that thought of You.

When the thought of you, catches up with me.

We all have someone or “that someone” that can find you on the open road. A long stretch of time driving, wondering, thinking about life and about who you are as a person can bring lefts, rights, twists and turns, much like the very expressway you are on. That someone always seems to find you on the pavement, no matter what.

Perhaps that person is a long lost love, that one that got away. You wouldn’t change your life nor go back in time and change the finale of your mini-series, but they always find you when you have that time to think. My father once said to me that (in his experience) we all have that (some) one person in our lives that meant something, that helped change who you are, as if they left a foot print in your heart forever. That has always stayed with me. He wasn’t referring to a romantic partner, he was speaking about that one. It could be anyone, any race, any sex or gender. that is what makes it so charming.

It could be a family member that is no longer here. A parent, grand-parent, sibling or even a child- when you begin to think about them, the memory stream begins to flow, and even a few tears cascade down the ridges of your face as the stories you share are dusted off from the memory file and brought back for review. Sometimes a good cry and a reminder of what is lost, can relieve the built up tension and make way for brighter days.

Kiskatinaw Bridge, Peace Country.

The power of yesterday is tremendous. With that being said, there is a reason that the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield. We all could go back in time and right a few wrongs, but the windshield is so much bigger and full of potential. Digging up an old file however, is good for the soul as it can remind you of who you are, who you have become and how you wound up driving the open road at that very moment. I wonder what would have happened if I went left instead of right that day in ’96?

The imagination of a human being is extraordinary. You can take a true-to-heart reality, and in your imagination mould it into an outcome you wish to see. How many arguments have you won in your head in an imaginary fight with someone? How often do we let our imagination let the opposing team win in a battle of wits? Have you had a fictitious argument with an ex-lover or family member that hurt you and you finally let them have it the way you wanted to at the time of insult, but emotions got in the way and you did not execute those brilliant, intelligent and outstanding insults? Go ahead, have that fight and better yet let yourself win. why not, its your ride.

A seven hour drive on the long stretched asphalt can open ones eyes. Perhaps it will bring a little clarity to life as it may bring you a few answers to some questions that have been floating around as of late.

Go on, take the ride. You never know what stories might make an appearance and what the open road might bring you.

“It can happen on a Sunday drive
The sky above a shade of blue
Headed down some lonesome highway
Then you come into view
Mile after mile goes by
But you’re all I see
When the thought of you
Catches up with me” —David Ball