Did you listen to The Guess Who Band? Well…. Guess Who Will Be In Town!

Have you ever looked at someone you love on were amazed at their beauty and thought to yourself “These Eyes”? Or perhaps your daughter is going out for a night on the town and that doesn’t sit well with you so you decided to “Follow Your Daughter Home”? Or maybe you have a friend who is a strong independent “American Woman”! If any of these song titles ring a bell to you, chances are you may have rocked out, gotten groovy in the 1970’s to the likes of The Guess Who, and you are in for a treat!

In a recent Interview with Donnie McDougall from the Guess Who told the Revelstoke Current about his success since the ‘70s.

“I joined The Guess Who in 1972 and I was a part of every hit the Guess Who ever had, I was the other voice and the other guitar of the band. We managed to tour all over the world, and in 2000 we got back together with Randy Burton, Billy Wallace, Gary Peterson and myself; we crossed Canada and recorded the whole show, made an album and made a 2.5 hour CBC special.”

The band did break up at one point, and back in 1978 Jimmy Kale brought the group back for the CBC special in Winnipeg, after the success of that performance that decided to tour again all across Canada and the United States with their Guess Who’s Back album.

The Guess Who have had golden and platinum albums here in Canada and even received a star on the Walk of Fame in 2001.

Since the early 2000’s the band has had an infusion of different performers with many original  band members still  having an active role. They are performing all over Canada in Casinos and top notch hotels, and Revelstoke is about to go back in time this weekend and experience once of the best bands in Canadian history this weekend.

This group is an infusion of new band members as well as McDougall who is one of the originals.

“He played with the Guess Who from 1972 to 1978. He recorded on the albums, Live At The Paramount, Artificial Paradise, #10, and Road Food. He also co-wrote songs such a “Follow Your Daughter Home”, “Glace Bay Blues”, and “Take It Off Of My Shoulders”  Donnie rejoined band members Burton Commings, Randy Bachman, Gary Peterson, and Bill Wallace for the “The Running Back Thru Canada Tour”. 2000 through the end of 2003.  After the “Running Back Thu Canada “, reunion Donnie released a solo album “Best Wishes” recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Before joining the Guess Who Donnie was the lead singer, guitar player, of the sixties band from Vancouver,  Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck,  writing and co-writing some of the bands best work. The band released two albums, Home Grown Stuff, and Starting A New Day.” Phil Watkins, McDougall’s web publisher wrote to the Revelstoke Current.

The Guess Who’s Donnie McDougall will be at The Regent Hotel performing fan favorites, this coming Friday January 5th and Saturday, January 6th at 9:00pm on both nights.