#BeccaToldMeTo- BVE Students Give Back For A Heartfelt Reason

It was in 2016 when the #BeccaToldMeTo blow up on social media. A 17 year-old teen from Riverview, N.B with terminal brain cancer enlisted the help of others to fulfill her bucket list.

Think back to when you were 17. What were your dreams? Who was your first love? What silly things did you and your friends get up to that would eventually play back in your mind in your later years as amazing memories?

Becca Schofield has other plans for her time. Not often are we faced with a bucket list reality until much later in life and hopefully after years of experience filled with trial, error, heartbreak, true love, excitement, ambition, success, failure, friendship and the list goes on. Becca created an inspiring bucket list, to be a vessel for others to do good on her behalf.

Revelstoke is filled with people who give back in a big way. The true locals of this community are those that care, give back, donate time when they can and work hard (and usually for free) for the betterment of the community so the younger generation can enjoy what they did.

Ms. Newton’s Grade 5 class from Begbie View Elementary certainly understand because they joined in with the #BeccaToldMeTo.

Over the holidays the students pulled their resources and brought in each a piece of vegetable or food article to the Soup and a Smile at the United Church so that the volunteers could make soup. #BeccaToldMeTo.

The second act if true caring was they hand made Chia Pets so they could donate them to the food bank. Their first round didn’t pan out, but that did not stop them from taking a second chance on themselves and trying again! #BeccaToldMeTo.

Third, they made baked goods and sold them to hungry consumers. The proceeds went to UNICEF, Kiva, and the Make A Wish Foundation.

Finally, these bright young stars of tomorrow split up into teams all over the community and left notes of kindness for strangers to find. They hid them in library books, coffee shops and other various locations around town. In fact, I was walking Milo and I saw a small note pinned to a tree, I read it and smiled. I continued to walk and I saw another note, I read that one and smiled. So this is one Gen-Y’er who was a recipient of these kind words. #BeccaToldMeTo.

The kids finally got a chance to put their feet up for a much needed field trip to the United Church to enjoy Soup and a Smile on Monday, January 22nd.

When Ms. Newton had these students brainstorm what their objective and goal was during this process the kids all agreed that it was How to be a force for good.

That you were, kids. That you were.