After 36 Years, Empty Downtown Lot May Have A New Building

Revelstoke may see a new commercial building at 306 First Street West after 36 years. The lot is located between Campbell Avenue and Boyle Avenue and has been vacant since 1981, when a fire took the original structure.

A potential two and-a-half storey commercial building could be the new home of the Tantrum Bike Shop below with a second and third storey mezzanine which could be potentially used for office space.

With the downtown core steadily growing with businesses and consumers, parking is a growing concern. The applicant is proposing to vary the required parking. The area in question is 5685 square feet, and one parking space is required for every 538 square feet, which would be a total of 11 parking spaces. With the width of the site, underground parking is not a reality. The applicants are looking to have two parking spaces on site with an additional three spaces on the adjacent property. An agreement with the neighbouring property owners would need to be achieved.

The Advisory Planning Commission has been requested to provide further advice on the proposal to City Council.