A Chuckle For The Day: Dave’s Running Behind In Time!

Maria and Dave get along pretty well. But there was one thing that drove Maria absolutely crazy, and that was no matter how many times she told Dave how important it was to her that he be home in time for dinner, he never did.

It was after one such spat that he got down on his knees and said “Maria, I promise I am turning over a new leaf. I bought a brand new watch and I set it to ding at 4:15pm. From now on, I will be home on time for dinner!”

Well, the next day, promptly at 4:15pm, Dave’s alarm went off, he double checked it and immediately began to put his progress reports away and headed out the door to his car, not realizing he forgot his phone.

While walking to his car, out of nowhere-a car loaded with stickers on the back hit Dave. As a precautionary measure, Dave went to the hospital- luckily he was OK and they let him go after three hours. When Dave finally walked in the door Maria was livid.

“Wait I can explain!” Pleaded Dave. “I was run over by a car!”

“Really!? Yelled Maria. “It takes 3 hours to get run over by a car!?”