A-Bee-C’s of Beekeeping with Ron Glave!

Whenever you drop that honey dipper into the jar and pull it up, that golden liquid careless and with ease, flows down to the bulb of the dipper and coats it in its entirety. the excess nectar of the Gods slowly glides its way back to the jar when the plastic stem is bobbed up once, twice, three times and a twirl and swirl process begins, collecting that tiniest bit of honey that wants so desperately to get back into the jar.

Then you take the dipper and place it over the item you have chosen for consumption. The river of amber slowly falls into the place of intention. MMMM, honey.

For most of us, we buy it. Local grocery store, or better yet, at the local farmers market. Mmmm, Honey. As for Ron Glave, he bee keeps it all for himself!

If you have ever had an interest in harvesting your own honey, you have a chance to start next fall. The first Garden Guru Workshop of 2018 will be on Sunday, January 28th from 4:00pm- 5:00pm at the Macpherson Room. 

Local beekeeper, Ron Glave will break down the process of purchasing the proper materials, how to buy bees (Oh, yeah. How would I get bees?) and how to care for the bees so you can harvest the sweet reward in just 10 months!