The Significance Of The Silver Lining

The silver lining is a great euphemism. Think about it, it touches on both the ying and the yang, the dark and the light and for some, good vs evil. Life has a way of shining bright as well as casting a shadow. When you blend the two, you can get an electric grey, but usually within that, there is a silver lining. That is a good place to be.


To be in the dark, we can miss out on so much. Now for some, this is not a choice, some suffer deeply, and need help to seek the light, and hopefully those individuals can find their way to the silver area, because once you can see the silver lining, things can get better. That silver lining might be mental health assistance, an enlightenment, a support system, a wake up call, a second chance; it differs for everyone in every situation.

to be in the light, we can see so much. The power of positivity is so important. However, to be in the light all the time, can be easy to forget the dark. That some people struggle in the dark and that life isn’t always beautiful. The light can help guide many people, spiritually, emotionally and even physically; everything leans towards the sun. Understanding the light means to understand the dark. It means you have been there, in the dark, and made your way out of it, and before the light came, it was the silver lining.