Revelstoke’s Arm Chair Mayor

Why are we so afraid to give our structures cool names in Revelstoke?  We are boring central when it comes to names. Take for example, Revelstoke Secondary. Really? Let’s have some fun and call it Snow Day Secondary. At least it will reflect what happens there on a Pow Day. Another unoriginal name also comes to mind, the Revelstoke Forum. It needs a new roof, sell the naming rights and call it the Powadiuk Dome.

We built a brand new hospital in the early ‘70s and decided we don’t want to reprint all the stationary so we proclaimed all future hospitals be named after our old colonial master. Another example of we can design it but we have no idea how to name them it is the new elementary school. We can’t be judgemental and choose a name of one of the closed schools so let’s combine the 2 names and everyone wins. I’m sure the trustees all patted themselves on the back after that meeting. Notice the Big Eddy school didn’t get its’ chance to make it a threesome. We generally try to forget about the Big Ghetto. “Just keep paying your taxes and pretend you are part of the CSRD”.

Even the name of the City (town) of Revelstoke. We named it after the guy that wrote the cheque that put us on the map. Don’t you think he was rewarded enough with a little bit of interest on his investment? Instead, why didn’t we randomly select a local tax payer and name it after them? Like Petersville. How about a name with a built in marketing component like Snow City, Powder Town or City of Electricity, “where clean energy is born”. It doesn’t even have to be completely true, look at Edmonton. They won a couple of cups and now and forever more they are the City of Champions. If you pound it into their heads for a few generations’ people will start believing that we are Snow Capital City. The best part is, council doesn’t have to write a cheque or hire a consultant, I will donate this advice for free.

Next time you print a brochure or update your website, change Revelstoke to Sunny Town, BC. To set the record straight, we did name the pedestrian bridge the Mark Kingsbury Memorial Bridge after they practically forced the money on us. Now was that so painful? The pain must have been excruciating because our next naming attempt was a contest to name the theatre in the new high school. The winning name was, wait for it, the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre.  Zzzzzz. I wonder what they do there?

We really have some very talented people living here. Look at all the creative children’s names that new parents are coming up with. Last time I checked there wasn’t a Peter or Susan in the bunch. Stand up and let it be known that from this day on. We pledge to be a happy and exciting place, reflected in the names we give our buildings and places of interest. I suggest the first such place to reflect our new found vigor should be the McKee Mcroundabout, in honor of his Worships’ effort in solving our western access traffic problem.

In my opinion.

Your Arm Chair Mayor, Peter Humphreys