RCMP: Attempted Abduction Follow Up

The community of Revelstoke was shocked when the story broke of a predator in the Columbia Park area asking a 12 year old girl to get into his black 4- door car.

This brave student had the wherewithal not to adhere to the advances and to immediately run to safety.

Corporal Thomas Blakney from the Revelstoke RCMP Detachment followed up with the Revelstoke Current regarding the matter.

The description of the predator was a 30-40 year old male wearing a black “Carhartt” style jacket with a hoodie underneath. The physical attributes of the male in question were that he was “Native looking”. Blakney stated that under different circumstances, the RCMP would have used the correct terminology respecting the First Nations people, however the description was how the youth described him to the police upon questioning.

The RCMP are following up on any leads as well as their credibility. Based on past experience, the predator usually leaves the area, however, that can never be for certain and every parent and caregiver in all areas of Revelstoke need to be cautious.

“If you put yourself in the shoes of a young boy or girl, and someone is trying to get you, that is a very fearful experience. Run, draw attention to yourself, run into a group of people, be as boisterous as you can be and people are going to come and help you.” Blakney said in regards to what any youth should do in that horrific experience.

Tips to keep in mind for students moving forward:

  1. Never leave with anyone other than a parent, of the person who was prearranged to take care of you that day.
  2. Adults do not need help from children. Not to find a puppy, kitten- anything. If an adult you do not know is asking you for help, that is a warning sign.
  3. Never get into a car with a stranger. Ever.
  4. Know what is OK and what is not OK, have confidence to take action if you feel someone is trying to take advantage of you.