MLA Report: Doug Clovechok’s Year End Review

Columbia River- Revelstoke MLA, Doug Clovechok has been in full swing since he was elected in early May and in that time has proven to be infused in the Revelstoke riding as well his hometown.

Since that time, Clovechok’s business card has changed three times from Government MLA, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premiere and now opposition member to the Legislative Assembly. Since the 1800s, less than 900 men and women have had the opportunity to sit in that prestigious seat.

“I am very proud and want to thank those who supported me to get there, and still working hard for those that didn’t support me to get their too.”

Clovechok is not one to hide from a controversial statement in the Assembly. He prides himself on the fact that he speaks what he feels and validates his statements by backing it up with his actions. When it comes to Proportional Representation and Site- C, Clovechok was not shy to express his concerns about the current governments’ attitude towards these topics.

Site- C is not unknown to most British Columbians as many are in favour of the massive project that would produce thousands of jobs for rural BC workers, in turn, many are vehemently against it due to the nature of the project and what it does to the natural environment.

“The Site- C Decision, what an absolute fiasco. They (The NDP) arrived at a decision, that we had arrived at 6 months ago, yet they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get to exactly where we already were 6 months ago.” Clovechok explained to the Revelstoke Current.

Throughout our local riding, many MLA’s are popping up for a political shoulder bump as the BC Liberal Leader election is coming up early February, 2018. Kamloops MLA, Todd Stone made an appearance in Revelstoke early December and as recent as Monday, Vancouver-Quilchena MLA, Andrew Wilkinson visited the Regent Hotel to win the Liberal members of Revelstoke.  Clovechok has indicated that he will be in support of Wilkinson’s candidacy.

“I think he has the experience that BC needs and that he has an array of education and understands what needs to happen. He may seem quiet and not overly exciting, but he knows BC. Trust me; he knows what he is doing.”

Clovechok is no stranger to Proportional Representation. In a November Assembly, Clovechok dove right into the deep end with his thoughts on the matter “The small Green tail continues to wag the bloated orange dog. Can you say, tyranny of the majority?”

Proportional Representation is a concern for the rural markets of BC. It could mean that smaller markets such as Revelstoke, Golden and Cranbrook are clumped into one massive riding, in which our local MLA is based elsewhere, making it difficult for local community members to be heard by their representative.

The recent decision to ban grizzly bear hunting is a source of controversy for many. Animal rights activists are thrilled to have the new law set in motion; however, Clovechok has a different point of view when it comes to why he thinks it was a poor decision.

“They are not taking into account science. Grizzly bear management is part of a wildlife management strategy-it has to be. You can’t manage your ungulates without managing your predators. We are going to have bear conflict; these bears are still going to die because the Conservation Officers are still going to have to shoot them. It is political pandering to the lower mainland vote.”

British Columbia had a horrendous wildfire season. Burning over 380,790 hectares; it was the third worst wildfire in BC, with the second worst in 1961 burning 483,097 hectares and the worst on record in 1958 at 855,968 hectares.

Clovechok shared what his most memorable moment as MLA was this past year, was during our summertime fire scare.

“I was in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and I saw the devastation. We closed the back country from Revelstoke down to the United States border, eventually got it closed for human use as well. We were able to get it reopened, we had a hunting season, and our guide outfitters were able to make some money, that was a real highlight for me this past summer.”