Minor Hockey: Novice Registration Is Up & The Kids Love It!

the Revelstoke Forum buzzes this time of year with figure skating or the Grizzlies, something is always happening at the barn. Revelstoke Minor Hockey hosted a novice tournament this weekend with teams from Salmon Arm, Golden, Vernon, Kamloops and Kelowna.

Volunteers- Imogen Whale, Troy Woodhouse and Natalie Pehowich.



132 kids in total hit the ice to enjoy their favourite winter sport; 22 of the players are from Revelstoke, leaving 110 children from other areas, and in tow are the parents that are staying at our hotels and eating in our restaurants. In turn, Revelstoke families are often on the narrow roads of the interior to partake in tournaments in distant areas. Although Minor Hockey registration is relatively cheap, travelling to and from Vernon, Kelowna or even Penticton can be costly when you take into consideration gas, meals and overnight accommodation.

As the kids are playing their hearts out, the volunteer parents are constantly on the go with creative fundraisers to make it all possible. One way to draw in a few dollars for the club is by 50/50 draws and raffles. Many of the items are donated by local businesses so these kids can keep on gliding.

Dennis Berarducci & Whitney Kendrick.

There are eight coaches for the novice division, Dave Pehowich; Cory Peck; Troy Woodhouse; Chris Bostock; Paul Norrie; Clark Traverse; Cory Beisel and Loren Barras who spends half of her time coaching novice and the other with initiation.

One of the eight coaches, Clark Traverse informed the Revelstoke Current that the division is up from previous years.

“We’ve created a shorter ice format, all about scaling it down to their size, making it easy to play and ultimately more kids are playing because of it.”


Black barricades are placed on the blue line keeping the perimeter tight and less dead space. With 2 minute intervals the kids are able to get into the game, rather than burning energy chasing a puck down the full length of the ice.



One young mini Grizzly stated “I really like being on the ice and being able to play…shooting and passing the puck. I really like playing with Cooper Bostock and David Lee” Luke Traverse gleefully told the Current.

When asked how it was with Dad as his coach, a very simple one word answer followed, “Good.” said Luke.

Looks as if the Revelstoke Minor Hockey division is doing good!