Judge Grants CSRD Injunction Against The City

The City of Revelstoke and Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) have not been able to come to terms with the fire protection matter, despite having a good working relationship. Both sides are stumped at how to move forward with the other.

The CSRD filed for an injunction prior to Christmas and was granted a date of December 18th, which was later pushed to December 28th and then again to Friday, December 29th.

Supreme Court Justice Andrew Mayer has approved the injunction and the City is still responsible for fire protection to Area B under the same terms and conditions as in the existing agreement, until June 1, 2018. With this new deadline set, this could allow both parties to sit down and hear the other one out and work out a definitive plan for the future.

Mayor Mark McKee responded to the news “I’m glad that fire protection is continued, it is important that the residents of Area B feel protected and are, in fact, protected. I look forward to sitting down and coming up with a plan that works for everybody”.

Regional Director for Area B, Loni Parker told the Revelstoke Current ” I was confident we would get it all along, I am pleased that the Judge said we should be looking at mediation. I am hoping that process will be fruitful in the future. June is not far away and hopefully we will come to a compromise.”

The CSRD will be coordinating a public meeting for the homeowners in Area B to discuss options for fire suppression after the new expiration date.