It Takes A Village: Karley Bafaro’s Story

No family wants to find out that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. We read about it, we see it on the six o’clock news and because of our constant need to seek the social media feed, we learn about it in our own backyard. The Bafaro family had some devastating news in April of this year as Karley Bafaro (33) was breast feeding her newborn son only to find a strange lump in her breast.

Karley was on maternity leave from her position as Director of Family Services at Community Connections. Not exactly the news one wants to find out when the focus should be the newest joy in your life; a newborn baby.

After a strong suggestion from her husband, Phil Bafaro, Karley went to the doctor to have it checked out, only to find out that it was Stage 3 Cancer. It had spread to her lymph nodes, therefore, her Oncologist put her on a  treatment plan instantly.

Karley has endured eight rounds of Chemotherapy over a six month period; two surgeries and will soon begin a six-week radiation treatment program. When asked how she was handling this whirlwind of emotions, Karley was bright, upbeat and hopeful.

“I don’t know if I am strong or stubborn. Having two little kids changes things. My five year old understands that I have ‘medicine days’ and why I lost my hair. In the end, Kids still need to eat and get up and go to school. I don’t want my kids to be any more upset than they need to be.”


It can happen to me? A question we know the answer too, but not often ask. That is exactly how Karley felt when she received her diagnosis.



“I feel like I’m way too young. I didn’t know you could get it this young. I know that sounds silly but you do ask yourself ‘How is this possible?’ It just shocked me. How on earth do you get it? I certainly did not expect to get it while breastfeeding in my 30’s.”

Throughout her rounds of chemotherapy, Karley’s husband, Phil Bafaro did what any good husband, father and family man would do. Step it up and be the support beam. Karley spoke of how Phil has always been a hands-on-dad and now he is taking on everything he possibly can to make it as easy as possible for Karley to find comfort and to get the strength she needs.

Karley told the Revelstoke Current that she was a rather private individual and that this fundraiser was a bit much for her, but with two very persistent and caring friends she agreed to it.

“It’s overwhelming but very humbling…I need to swallow my pride and let people help.”

 Both Ashley Sumner and Derek Scarcelli were integral to the silent auction fundraiser at the Village Idiot, Sunday December 10th.  Scarcelli informed the Revelstoke Current that the fundraiser brought in $14,000. That does not include the Go Fund Me page or private donations previously given.