Cheers! Tina Witt & Brady Beruschi Give Back In A Big Way

In the spirit of the holidays, we all enjoy just that…spirits! Tina Witt and Brady Beruschi from the Cheers Liquor store came up with their own take of 12 days of Christmas with a matching program.

12 businesses in town participated in this community minded contest in order to raise funds for the Community Connections Christmas Hamper.

Whatever the local business decided to donate in Gift Cards, Tina and Brady would purchase the same amount in return, thus doubling the amount being donated to the hamper as well as helping out local businesses.

Skookum even donated two bikes which put Brady on the hook to buy two bikes!

“I notice Brady doing a lot in the community, and Tina came to me about the idea, and I thought it was great. I want to see more kids on a bike, that’s the future I want to see, and not every mom & dad can afford a brand new bike. The way I feel about it is now at least four more kids will be on bikes this spring, and to me, that is so very important. I would have donated 10 if I could.” Mike Gravelle, owner of Skookum Ski & Cycle told the Revelstoke Current.

The Revelstoke Current reached out Brady Beruschi about this fun project and he was quite happy to share the story behind it.

“This was not about the liquor store, or any of the businesses. We wanted to give back to the community, it has been a good year and Tina came up with it and I thought it was a great idea. It was time we gave back in a big way and I am hoping it will continue in the future.”

This has generated $2,384.00 that will be graciously added to the hamper just in time for Christmas.