BVE: Granny McBee’s Christmas Eve- Holiday Musical!

The kids of Revelstoke must have ringing ears because of all the Christmas cheer that is flowing through the gymnasiums from Columbia Park to Begbie View to Arrow Heights!

Wednesday, December 20th was an evening to celebrate at the Begbie View Elementary gymnasium when all the kids, K-7 joined together to have one amazing performance!

Of course, each grade had a song to sing, and the actors on stage were convincing and energetic. One moment to note was the song¬†The Happiest Season, in which¬†200 plus students all sang as one cohesive unit. Now if that doesn’t take practice, patience and team work, then what does?

As Principal Hicks proudly took the stage and thanked the audience and the kids for their hard work, one special mention he had was for Mrs. Schneider, who was instrumental in the direction of the show.

Great job, Begbie View students!