Arrow Heights Elementary Christmas Show: Annie!

If you are feeling the Christmas cheer all around, perhaps you were at Arrow Heights Elementary on Thursday, December 21st for their Christmas production of Annie!

This charming adaptation was well constructed and a clever way to infuse every grade in the school. Mimi Kramer was Annie, the loveable orphan that just needs some love and support but of course, Ms. Hannigan, played by Maeve Macleod certainly was not allowing that to happen!

With many songs in the original sung by the orphans, the adaptation allowed certain grades to hit centre stage and sing those popular songs in lieu, while still allowing the story to maintain a steady flow.

It was two months of rehearsal for these up and coming thespians, and you can’t have a good show without a great direction, and that vision belongs to Amber Thompson.

I may be a little bias, however, Sabine Tomm did a wonderful job in the role of EZ Rock DJ! A charming and wonderful treat for me experience while watching the show!