Rooneys World

Dear David;

When I arrived in this community you were one of the individuals who elected to guide me. You were not asked and certainly not under any obligation. You chose to help me on your own terms, for your own reasons and I am truly grateful. Our meetings at the Sangha Bean were always great conversation of local news; whether it be political, community driven or a round of ‘He said, she said’ we always had a great time swapping stories and seeking the truth on what was happening in our own back yard.

I may have stopped paying tuition to BCIT for Journalism but my education did not stop after leaving those faded blue walls in building SE-10, despite graduation. The lesson began on that day. There is only so much a classroom can teach you, after that, it’s the curve-balls that life throws at you that you gain the most traction from. The Rooney curve-ball. With numerous tips, edits, words of wisdom and guidance, you were instrumental in my desire to continue to write as well as seek the answers in a world of questions.

One day in May you asked me for coffee. We spoke about writing, about journalism and the quest for answers. You gave me a copy of the book you penned; Reporting & Writing for Canadian Journalism. When you gave that to me, I did not see what you were doing in that moment. I do now, and I thank you deeply for that vote of confidence.

I hold the integrity of the Revelstoke Current in the highest regard. It was crucial that the stories you worked on since ’09 were preserved in history and to remain intact for research purposes. With the help of a true-to-heart friend and BCIT graduate, we have managed to secure the history you worked so diligently on, and now can move forward and maintain that tradition. This new style of community newsletter will be your legacy paper; it will be a place where the art of writing can be honed, and techniques improved. A platform for the community, a voice for the locals and a place for students to learn, including myself. It will be what you always wanted it to be- locally owned, and written with passion and love.

I have wondered if you were somehow assisting me these past few months. There were times when I thought that preserving your history would be impossible, or that I would not be able to track down where it was all hosted. However, the answers always followed suit. Call it fate, call it homework or research but in the end, It’s here; and here to stay.

Many have wondered what was going to become of the information hub and community staple you built up over the years. You had over 40 years of experience that I do not have. However, we all start somewhere and I will do my best to practice, learn and grow using this amazing gift and podium you created. I am humbled and honoured to carry the tradition that you started in 2009. Taking the reigns will be a challenge, it will be daunting at times but it will be a thrill.

Thank you, my friend.


Shaun Aquiline- Editor of the Revelstoke Current.


The legacy of David F. Rooney and The Revelstoke Current continues…..