A Sherlock Wonderland Of Lights

One of the nicest fellows in town, Rod Sherlock sure knows how to brighten up the day! Every year for over 20 years, Rod Sherlock dedicates many hours of turning his already charming home into a twilight of wonderment and light! For those that have seen Rod’s house in previous winters, know just how magical it is to drive by for a quick peak.


The Revelstoke Current caught up with Rod when he was fixing a display that a deer had knocked over in his front yard.

“This happens all the time. Usually it is people walking in the yard!” Rod said jovially. “I don’t mind. People come and take pictures all the time”.

While many would prefer for others to stay off the lawn, Rod is happy to help others get into the Christmas Spirit. Of course, if you sat down and had a conversation with Rod about anything, it would be easy to find that spirit without the lights and wonderful decor. With a positive way about him, Rod is an easy person to be friends with and always a nice conversation awaits with this long time local.

“It gets to be a little tricky now on the ladder, so I wonder if I should be that high up, looking down you think ‘Hmmm. Should I be up here? But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it. There has always been at least one person in town that did this, there was someone that did it before me, someone on CP Hill decked out their house in the past, now I do it, hopefully someone else will one day.”

If you are in the mood for a quick gander at a beautifully lit house to help remind you of what the power of the holidays can bring, swing up Upper McKinnon Road. You can’t miss it!

Better yet, if you get a chance, have a chat with Rod, just as charming as the lights!