A Child’s View

By Leon Remus

I asked my granddaughter if she wanted to watch a women’s hockey game. I coach these ladies, so she was aware of women playing hockey. Watching the game in person brought an excitement for her which was very noticeable as she cheered and watched plays being made on the ice. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she followed the “Kodiaks” passing, shooting and scoring. I believe she was thinking that “she was skating down the ice with her own Kodiak jersey” flying wildly behind her.

She stood in awe as the ladies walked off the ice to their dressing room at the end of the period. They looked like “giants” dwarfing this little girl as she gazed upwards at her “new heroes”. “Do you want to visit them in the dressing room”? “Can I”? Of course, when your “Poppi” is the coach, you have some privileges. Walking in the dressing room, looking at the flushed faces, the sweaters wet with perspiration, bodies tired from hard skating made her “heroes” even more glorious. We congratulated everyone on their fine work and returned to the stands and behind the bench.

This is a “short glimpse” of the impact women’s hockey has on our next generation of girl hockey players. It is exciting to see young girls playing alongside boys, but would be even more exciting to have more girls coming out. Regardless of what happens, it is exciting to be part of this journey of women’s hockey in Revelstoke. I’d invite people to come see them practice, come watch a game.

One little girl did and what a difference it made….