Pay attention to playground zones

Columbia Park has a playground which is marked in three directions and the fourth seems to be forgotten. The playground should be made longer due to the equipment near the Columbia Park School.  I overheard someone who lives on Pearkes Drive state, “The school is out so the playground doesn’t matter!”  Boy I sure wish people were stopped in the area no matter what time of year it is. I’m sorry to say I’ve even witnessed a city bus go through the playground at more than 30.

Mountain View has a large playground and I think that maybe one out of 10 slows down.  I think that one maybe too long which angers some drivers. When I do the proper speed I’ve been honked at, fingered and yelled at.  One thing I don’t understand why the School sign was freshly painted on Second St.  So I believe the playground area is so long  because at times there are games played on the fenced area grass, like soccer, baseball and Relay For Life is held there.


Lia Robb
Revelstoke, BC