In Video: Council’s meeting of Tuesday, July 11

By David F. Rooney

Provincial Ombudsman Jay Chalke dropped by Tuesday’s, July 11, City Council meeting to bring Mayor Mark McKee and Council up to date on his agency’s activities.

While you can read his roughly 36-minute presentation you may also follow along by activating the YouTube player below at the two-minute mark.

Council also approved a bylaw permitting it to borrow $708,000 — $394,000 for the water utility and $314,000 sewer) for the $1,008,000 Thomas Brook water project. The City already has a $300,000 grant from the Economic Opportunity Fund to support this project. Users in the area who benefit from the project will pay for the loan.

You can watch Council’s discussion of this project starting at the 38:02 mark on the video.