City puts more teeth in the dog bylaw

By David F. Rooney

The City is “putting more teeth in the dog bylaw,” Mayor Mark McKee said during Council’s meeting on Tuesday, June 27.

The measure was one of a number that addressed shortcomings in animal control and in other offences against municipal bylaws.

Animal Control Bylaw No. 2183 and the City’s agreement with the Revelstoke & District Humane Society, which runs the animal shelter, now contains the following changes:

  • Dog Tag – In 2018, Owners can license their dog on a lifetime basis or on an annual basis. Lifetime tag will be a one-time fee at the time of application estimated at $100 for spayed female or neutered male dog and $250 for unsprayed female or unneutered male. The current annual fee is $20 and $60 respectively each year and a new tag is issued.
  • Create category for Aggressive Dog and Dangerous Dog – the City’s bylaw has not been effective in dealing with Aggressive and Dangerous dogs in the past. This will fill the gaps between a dog, an aggressive dog and a dangerous dog, which will have a stepped approach in classifying dogs and provide different layers of permissions, exceptions and cost to the dog’s owner.
  • Off-Leash Area – Schedule C of City of Revelstoke Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw No. 1758 permitted the foreshore of the Columbia River designated the, “1-Westside Road” area, which was located in and around the mouth of the Jordan River, as an off- leash location. This area has been deleted from the Off-leash areas as it has been determined to be at a high-risk level due to the narrow strip between Westside Road and the fluctuating levels of the Columbia and Jordan Rivers combined.

Council also agreed to changes to the Municipal Tree Bylaw:

The ticket offences proposed in the Municipal Ticket Information System (MTIS) Bylaw are noted as follows:

  1. removing a municipal tree $1,000;
  2. causing damage to a municipal tree $1,000;
  3. pruning a municipal tree $1,000; and 4) planting tree on municipal property $500.

Periodically, additional changes will be made to the MTIS later this year.

In other new, Jake Jay Construction was awarded the tender to complete the Thomas Brook sewer and water project. With a bid of $1,084,816.10 it beat Mountainside Earthworks’ bid of $1,106,944.94 and Trainor Mechanical Contractors offer of $1,574,410.89. An accompanying report on the project noted that its estimated cost has now swollen.

“The total construction cost, excluding any extras that could arise as a result of unforeseen changes or surprises, is likely to be $1,250,000,” the report said. “This is about 24% higher than the estimate from the Local Area Service and CSRD Gas Tax contribution that was approved by Council which will raise $1,008,000, leaving a $242,000 short fall.

If Council wishes to proceed with the project, it is recommended that Federal Community Gas Tax Funds be used to supplement the project. Current Gas Tax reserves sit at approximately $900,000, so there is capacity in this fund.”

Council also approved a special event permit for this autumn’s new Luna Nocturnal Art & Wonder Festival. The City’s Public Art Committee is very excited about this week-long festival.

Luna is a new arts festival that will run for one week during Revelstoke’s shoulder season from September 30 – October 8.

“During this timeframe, unique art installations will be on display throughout the downtown core,” said a report from the committee. “It is the intent of the event organizers to make this an annual event in Revelstoke with the goal of attracting more visitors to Revelstoke during the shoulder season.

“The Luna team consists of Victoria Strange, Executive Director of the Visual Arts Centre, Miriam Manley, Executive Director of the Revelstoke Visual Arts Council, and volunteers Rob Buchanan, Nico Leenders and Jana Thompson.”

This event is being financed with $20,000 from the Resort Municipality Infrastructure program and $5,000 from the Revelstoke Accommodation Association.

Council also held an extensive discussion about the about the new skateboard centre at Kovachs Park. In particular, their discussion focuses on shortfall in funding raised for this almost-$800,000 project. This is highly recommended viewing for anyone interested in this project initiated by the Columbia Valley Skateboard Association.

“The CVSA has transferred all funds (it has raised $792,340) over to the City. Staff are confident that the CVSA will be able to raise the remaining funds through in kind donations at the construction stage and through continued fundraising efforts.

“There is the risk that they may not secure additional funds and if this is the case, the Association may request additional funds from the City.”

Please click here to read the complete agenda, which includes links to all relevant reports and documents.

And, finally, Social Development Coordinator, reported another successful year. You can watch her in the video and follow her PowerPoint presentation here and her additional detailed report here.

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