We can help restock the Food Bank’s bare shelves

The Community Connections Food Bank is in a state of crisis: there is virtually no food on its shelves.

“Our shelves are bare,” it said in a statement, but Revelstokians can help alleviate the agency’s quiet desperation.

The Food Bank fed about 169 adults and 42 children a couple of weeks ago and hopes community generosity can help it through the summer.

The following list of basic foodstuffs can help out immensely:

  1. Tuna and salmon;
  2. Past — white and whole wheat;
  3. Pasta sauces;
  4. Beans — kidney, chickpeas and black beans;
  5. Chunky-style soups, stews and chilis;
  6. Cereal — both hot and cold;
  7. Rice – brown and white;
  8. Canned vegetables and fruit;
  9. Peanut butter; and
  10. Infant formula and diapers.

“These items would be most appreciated,” the statement said, adding that donations can be dropped off any day of the week at the donation bins at Save-On Foods and Barton Insurance.