Congratulations to 2017’s grads from our MLA

To all this year’s graduating class I want to first congratulate you on your achievement and wish you all the very best in the new journeys that you will now undertake.

This milestone event marks in many ways your coming of age and means so much to you and the people who love you. You have worked hard and have grown in so many ways and when you reflect on how significant this moment is for you I know that you will find time to thank your parents for their love and support and your teachers who gave of themselves each day so that you might wear the gown and the cap commemorating your achievements.

The world has never been filled with such opportunity or promise and the range of choices that you will have to challenge have never been greater. These are exciting times for young people and I know that you will stand tall in all that you take on. Always take time to focus on the little things because if you cannot do the little things right you will never do the big things right. Approach life in a selfless way as it is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Never fear failure as within it lies learning and growth; above all be kind to yourself and never stop believing in your power to achieve because when you believe in yourself you will succeed.

So take pride in yourselves and take some time to enjoy the celebrations as you have earned them. This is your day know that there is no limit in the good that you can do nor the good that you will do.

Congratulations; we are proud of you all.

Doug Clovechok, MLA
Columba River-Revelstoke