A party to remember: Farewell to Lyn & Denny

Friends and fans of local community theatre will flock to the Selkirk Room at the Regent Hotel at 7 pm on Saturday, June 3, to celebrate the storied acting careers of Lyn and Denny Kaulback, show here in Mending Fences with John Devitt. Revelstok Current fie photo

By David F. Rooney

Friends and fans of local community theatre will flock to the Selkirk Room at the Regent Hotel at 7 pm on Saturday, June 3, to celebrate the storied acting careers of Lyn and Denny Kaulback.

Lyn and Denny are leaving for Oliver at the end of June. In the meantime, the party should be a lively one. A cash bar will be provided by The Regent Hotel. Light snacks such as nuts and chips will be provided. It’s free of charge for everyone to attend.

“Lyn has been a true cornerstone of Revelstoke Theatre Company since its inception,” says long-time colleague and RTC director Brad Binnington.  “Denny has become another cornerstone through his experience and skills as a contractor, which have proved invaluable, and his willingness to dive into the world theatre headfirst. Their separate contributions would warrant praise and celebration. Their combined contributions are immeasurable. We won’t, simply put, be able to replace them.”

They have also inspired many, many young actors and directors, such as Darren McKay.

“Denny and Lyn inspired my theatre career in many ways,” he said. “I wouldn’t be in theatre at all without them, I got interested in theatre in High school but wouldn’t have carried on with it and developed my love for it without their work on the community musicals. It was being able to be involved in those musicals that really set my love for theatre.

“Working with them for almost 20 years and watching all the shows they directed was also a huge inspiration for me to step into directing myself. I find myself thinking back to what Denny and Lyn did while directing many shows when I’m working on my own shows now. I wouldn’t be half the director I am now if I hadn’t learned a ton just watching Denny and Lyn over the years. I will miss them but they will be a part of every project I do”

Some-time playwright, director and actress Toni Johnston remembers Lyn as a “hippy chick” who came to town to live a natural life in the 1970s. She and Toni were both working women with kids and dogs who spent a lot of time together.

Lyn was part of the group that founded what was known as Revelstoke Little Theatre in the late 1970s. Her first performance was in the one-act play, Black and Silver by Michael Frayn. Denny first got involved building sets. He said to Lyn, “I’ll build your sets, just don’t ever ask me to be on stage.” Shortly thereafter he played the male lead in Blackpool and Parrish by David Belke — testament to Lyn’s ability and influence as a theatrical director! Since then both Lyn and Denny have dedicated their lives to theatre, and have directed or acted in countless productions which have entertained audiences locally and throughout British Columbia, including award-winning plays at both regional and provincial levels.

Lyn and Denny have also been involved acting in or directing full-scale community musicals. Lyn directed the memorable musicals Anne Of Green Gables, Annie, Chicago, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, My Fair Lady, Oliver, Peter Pan, The Sound Of Music, and The Wizard Of Oz. Denny directed The Last Resort and Jasper Station  — both lesser known musicals by Norm Foster.

Speaking personally, I’d like to say that I have deeply enjoyed all of the plays I have seen them direct or act in over the 16 years I have been in Revelstoke. You have made tremendous and lasting contributions to our city’s cultural growth that will not be forgotten.

Lyn, Denny, you are not only excellent actors and directors but a very classy couple and will be hugely missed.

You can also post your thoughts on their departure by clicking here to visit the Revelstoke Theatre Company’s website.

The party at The Regent’s Selkirk Room starts at 7 pm. Join us.

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