The BC Interior Forestry Museum is cooking with 3 great events in May

By David F. Rooney

Things are really cooking this month out at the BC Interior Forestry Museum, which has three upcoming events that should be of interest to many people in the community.

First up is an offer to provide advice from logging sport veteran Ernie Larson to would-be amateur logging sports athletes in the axe-throw and crosscut saw events starting at 5 pm at the Forestry Museum. Ernie will also oversee their practice with the tools in those events. This is ideal for anyone who would like to compete at Timber Day on May 20, Please activate the YouTube player below to watch Ernie practicing with an axe prior to last year’s Timber Day. Click here to see a poster for this event.

Then on Thursday, May 18, the Museum’s Speaker Series will see a discussion about the state of the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, which is somewhat different than other community forests. The RCFC operated an industrial tree-farm license while other community forests were created under legislation and operate in a somewhat different manner. RCFC Chairman Geoff Battersby and RCFC General Manager Mike Copperthwaite will, respectively talk about its foundation and its operations. They will be joined by Susan Mulkey of the BC Community Forest Association who will discuss the Community Forest movement in BC. Click here to see a poster for this event.

The museum has long enjoyed one of the best views of the Revelstoke Dam. Well, now they’re about to share that spectacular view with the people of Revelstoke when they hold a grand opening of their new view point on Friday, May 19. There will be refreshments, food, music, a bonfire, a logger sorts demo, a kids logger sorts relay and race and much more. Click here to see a poster for this event.

The very next day is, of course, Timber Day at Centennial Park. Why not start off your day by heading down to Chubby Funsters for a pancake breakfast. You can then browse the markets downtown before catching all the sports and local events such as the berry bake-off, raffles, 50/50 draw and other activities. Click here to visit the Timber Day website.